What is Social Cognition?

Social cognition refers to a myriad of abilities related to the way in which one individual interacts with others.   These go beyond an awareness and understanding of manners and cultural expectations to include taking another person’s perspective, developing a sense of social timing, attending to and interpreting nonverbal cues and managing self-regulation.

Individuals who struggle with one or more of these elements will likely experience social challenges and may be misunderstood by the mainstream.  Therefore, it is imperative that those of us entrusted with supporting the development of social cognition in children consider all of these components.

How do we teach social cognition?

Social Adventures© is a program designed to provide therapists, teachers and parents all the tools they need to run dedicated social cognition groups or to support kids with social challenges in the classroom, home and community.   Ages Preschool – 10.


In this program the key components of social cognition are incorporated into the IMAGINE! acronym.

Initiating interacations
Maintaining interactions
Advocating and resolving conflict
Getting regulated
Interpreting nonverbals
Negotiating space
Experiencing humor

How do you use this program?

The first step is to take some baseline data of each child’s level of independence for over 40 specific skills using the IMAGINE! Social Success Assessment Checklist.

Once you have determined the areas of difficulty, our Social Adventures Apps will help you to develop lesson plans with almost no effort.


Click HERE if you have an Apple device

Click HERE if you plan to use a Smartphone, Mac or PC.


Once you have purchased one of these apps, you will be ready to go!  The opening screen is your portal to nearly 80 activity descriptions organized by Goal Area and Temperament Type.

Simply click on an icon,               choose an activity,                    and get inspired!

For many activities, cartoon visual supports are available to support generalization. These are available digitally on the apps or as Laminated Cards or Magnets:


 Are you new to running social groups?

No problem! Each app provides an 8-week Introductory Program.  These step-by-step lesson plans are conveniently linked to the activity descriptions and introduce children to the fundamental principles of this program.


We have also provided 3 8-week Collaborative Projects that will reinforce familiar concepts, introduce new strategies and maximize generalization.  These programs are conveniently sorted by week, but can also be adapted as needed.  All of these 8-week Programs can be found by clicking on the LIGHTHOUSE icon.


This icon also offers more information About Us, Our Philosophy, Temperament Descriptions and an extensive Reference List.


But wait… there’s more

We believe that all children want to be the best friend that they can be.  Many of the kids who have social challenges are misunderstood by their peers and are often bullied or isolated.  In an effort to promote tolerance and to reinforce the important role that positive peers play, we have written IMAGINE! Stories for Social Success.  These engaging poetic stories are great for promoting discussion during morning meetings, at the beginning of a social group or with children at home.

Ready to get started?

Here’s everything you need:


Click HERE if you have an Apple device

Click HERE if you plan to use a Smartphone, Mac or PC.


Click HERE to order

IMAGINE! Social Success

Assessment Checklists

Click HERE to order

Laminated Cartoon Cards or Magnets

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The IMAGINE! Stories for Social Success



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