Apple Farmer Annie (Ana cultiva manzanas)

Title:  Apple Farmer Annie

Author: Monica Wellington

Description: Annie is an apple farmer, and uses her apples for everything, from picking to cooking, to selling at a farmer’s market! Available in spanish and english all in one book.


  • Vocabulary (Fall themed, curriculum)
  • Narrative (retelling, generating)

Why I like this book: A simple story that introduces fall themed vocabulary. Kids can usually relate to apple picking, so a good story for eliciting language.

Ideas for this book:

  • Introduce fall vocabulary with this story
  • Tie to curriculum vocabulary especially around various kinds of apples, planting, etc. There are so many “apple” activity websites on the web. Here are a couple I found: Apple vocabulary and activitiesApple Themed Ideas
  • A good story to generate a personal narrative about a child’s own experience going to the apple farm. Help students create their own story. You can use the Story Patch App to create, then send home to parents via email.
  • A simple sequential story to have children “retell” using pictures as support. Encourage temporal markers (first, then, next, after that, etc.)
  • For a slightly more complex narrative, or when introducing story grammar elements, tie to the Story Grammar Marker through Mindwingconcepts. I did this with a client who is new to “Braidy”….





  • Bring in real apples and incorporate some “compare and contrast” activities, tie to the EET (expanding expression tool) for creating semantic networks and description, categorization, etc.
  • Use apple for following directions (red apples, small apples. big apples, green apples). Have them put in, on, under, etc. varying the complexity of your directions.
  • The story is available  in both spanish and english (with a provided dictionary). Great for classrooms or students who speak Spanish, or are early spanish learners.

Submitted by; Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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