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Rescuing Mermaids Takes a Whole Team

Playing board games doesn’t always have to be competitive. Some games are designed to get kids working as a team. This is a common theme in our Social Adventures Groups – working as a team. It seems a simple concept, but difficult for our kids to grasp. Kids in general are pretty egocentric around ages […]

The Magic of “Say a Name”

We have been running Social Adventure Groups for almost 20 years and although the kids in the program all come with unique challenges and strengths, most if not all of them, do seem to have one thing in common. They don’t gain the attention of their peers. As a result, chaos often ensues. During our […]

Calm Down with Friends

Fidget toys are supposed to help kids who… well, fidget a lot. True confession: I find them often more distracting to the child, other children and adults than helpful. One day our group kids entered the room in a loud, active whirlwind. Although they often enter this way, this particular day they were not able […]

Inspired by Friendship Month

Did you know that February is Friendship Month?  We didn’t until last week when our friend Tiffani over at Special-ism let us know.  For some time now, Meghan, Jill and Karen have taken a hiatus from the online portion of all4mychild.  We moved our clinic a couple of years ago and took some time to focus […]

All4mychild Turns 2 Today!

We can’t believe it’s been 2 years already!  To celebrate, we have a “goodie bag” for all of our fans and followers.  Here’s what’s inside: All of our apps are ON SALE today. We released our 100th books4all, I am Invited to a Party by Mo Williems. We decided that Mo has been one of […]

Friday Favorites

      On Fridays…Karen, Jill and I plan to post one of our favorite PAST posts. Here is today’s fave:   LOW TECH SOCIAL FUN Photo by:  Robert Huffstutter          


Every now and then on a Friday we like to post one of our favorite blogs.  This week we thought it would be fun to share this one: LOW TECH SOCIAL FUN The tag line for our web site is “Collaborative Tools and Technologies” and I am bursting to write about a collaborative tool that is […]

Kindertown Power Pack Features the Bag Game!!

Want your kids to increase their vocabulary? KinderTown suggests using Bag Game with activities. KinderTown, one of our favorite tools for finding the best educational apps for kids, just released a new feature called “Power Packs” which we think busy parents will love. Each Power Pack is a mini teaching guide tailored to helping parents […]

Social Quest App for Problem Solving

    I’m always looking for activities to work with my late elementary and middle schooler students on critical thinking/problem-solving and perspective taking skills. It always seems challenging to find the right material to address these concepts in a one-to-one therapy setting. Recently, I’ve been using the Social Quest App from Smarty Ears to do […]

Edublog 2012 Nominations

  Well to be consistent with last year, we’re submitting our nominations last minute:) With ASHA and the holidays…we got behind. However, there are so many wonderful blogs and other social media to promote and acknowledge that we didn’t want to miss out on this opportunity. We were honored to receive the top 5 “new […]