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Keeping Kids Engaged

I am a speech-language pathologist and I co-lead social cognition groups with an occupational therapist.   Although we only work with up to 6 kids at a time, our groups can be as challenging to keep on track as any large classroom.  Why?  Because the kids in our groups are often the very kids that are […]

Board Games Really Can Be Fun!

Today we are blogging over at Special-Ism.com.  Today’s post provides some board game rules that the kids in one of our Social Adventures Groups generated.  Once they took ownership of the rules, everything changed…  Read more HERE. Image by: Celeste Lindell    

Social Skills Group – Ages 5 and 6

Today we are blogging over at Special-Ism.com . This is the third in a series of 4 posts.  The first post, Social Skills 101 discussed who might benefit from a social group along with an overview of the Critical Components of an Effective Social Group. The second post, Social Skills Groups for 3 and 4 Year-Olds, provided […]

Social Skills Groups 101

Today, we are blogging over at Special-ism.com.  As interest in social skills development has increased, so has the understanding that some children have more difficulty than others decoding the various social cues that many of us take for granted.  We have begun to appreciate that many children who are struggling socially do so not because they are “attention seeking” […]

Tips for Adjusting Voice Volume and Tone

Today, we are blogging over at Special-ism.com.  Voice volume and tone of voice are both subtle but critical aspects of social interaction. We all know a child who talks too loudly during interactions, their voice overpowering the conversation and negatively affecting their peer interactions.  There are the children who don’t speak loud enough for their opinions […]

Heidi from Pediastaff Helps Bring our Tagline to Life!

  When we founded all4mychild in the spring of 2011, we thought long and hard about our tagline.  We wanted it to truly represent our mission.  We wanted it to let people know that we believe that collaboration always brings about the best ideas.  We also wanted to provide helpful tools to parents, teachers and […]

Being Frank

Title:  Being Frank Author:  Donna W Earnhardt Illustrator:  Andrea Castellani Description:   Frank learns that “being honest” can be tricky business.  A wise grandpa suggests that “more sugar and less pepper” is often the best way to go… Goals/Concepts: Social skills, especially being honest yet kind Emotions Body Language Perspective Taking Inferencing/Predicting Narrative Language Why […]

Creative Ideas for Using a Recorder – Part 2

Today we are blogging over at Special-Ism.com. Today’s post is Part 2 of a two-part series which offers lots of ideas for therapeutic uses of the recorder. The first part includes many insights from Orly Zalel, developmental musician and music teacher, and today’s post shares ideas for using the recorder to address speech-language goals. You […]