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Rosie’s Walk

Title: Rosie’s Walk Author: Pat Hutchins Age: Preschool, Early Elementary Description: Rosie the hen goes for a walk around the farm. Little does she know that there is a fox following her. Goals/Concepts: Early narrative Simple sequencing Farm vocabulary Basic concepts/prepositions (around, over, under, etc.) Early perspective taking Early prediction (Will the fox get Rosie? […]

Who Wants Lemonade?

I always struggle to find good activities to address higher level language concepts such as inferencing, predicting and problem solving. I often know what I want to work on, but finding the right tool that is motivating is another battle. But of course with the iPad…anything is possible. Recently I found the app Lemonade Stand. […]

Ganging up and Giggling

I run a little social dyad with two school-aged boys (almost middle schoolers). They both need a lot of support to appropriately initiate, and especially to maintain interactions. We use a variety of different strategies and approaches to help them reach their goals. Ask-Ask-Tell from our Social Adventures App, vocabulary and concepts from Social Thinking ™ (i.e. […]

A Tale of Two Beasts

Title: A Tale of Two Beasts Author: Fiona Roberton Description: A little girl rescues a strange beast (a squirrel) in the woods and brings him home to take care of him. The “beast” is not happy and escapes, and tells his own version of events. The book is broken up into 2 short stories to illustrate these […]

The Biggest Valentine Ever

Title: The Biggest Valentine Ever Author: Steve Kroll Age: School Age Description: Two friends from class decide to make a valentine for their teacher together. Working together proves to be quite challenging…   What I like about this book: It’s a cute thematic story for Valentine’s Day with a social focus. Goals: Pragmatics/Social Language “Wh” Questions Narrative/Story […]

Red Sled

Title: Red Sled  Author: Lita Judge Description:  A little girl leaves her sled outside at night, and realizes that she is sharing it with many forest animals! Goals/ objectives: Early narrative (simple sequence story) Perspective taking Early prediction Emotion/Facial Expression Vocabulary (forest animals: moose, raccoons, opossum, porcupine, etc.) Social Pragmatics Speech Production Why I like this […]

Snow Friends

Title:  Snow Friends Author: M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton Description: A little bear wakes from his winter nap and has no one to enjoy the snow with. He decides to build a snowman to play with and meets some friends along the way. Goals/ objectives: Narrative/Retelling Early inferencing and predicting Why questions animal/winter vocabulary (winter animals: […]

Crepes by Suzette Interactive Book App

  Title: Crepes by Suzette Author: Monica Wellington (See another story by Monica reviewed on all4mychild here Description:  Suzette, the main character of this story, is a Parisian crepe maker and street-cart Vendor, who travels throughout Paris selling her delicious dessert. This app has wonderful interactive components throughout the story that including a labeled map of […]

Red Hat

Title: Red Hat Author: Lita Judge Description:  Similar to Lita Judge’s winter story, Red Sled (see review here) a little girl leaves her red hat outside on the clothes line, and many forest animals decide to borrow it for some fun. However, when they return the hat…it isn’t the same. Goals/ objectives: Early narrative (simple sequence […]

Don’t Wake up the Bear

Title: Don’t Wake Up the Bear!  Author: Majorie Dennis Murray Description: A sleeping bear becomes a warm, comfy place for many animals to keep warm in the cold. But this becomes a problem when a mouse with a cold wakes up the bear. Goals/ objectives: negation and contractions (“don’t”) sequencing/ Retelling early prediction why animal […]