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Bag Game – Pictionary Style

This is a fun way to use the Bag Game App to reinforce visual processing and motor skills.  When kids are learning how to create representational drawings (an important aspect of visualization for written and spoken communication), the Bag Game can be played Pictionary-style.  The excitement of the game and multiple opportunities for success take the stress out of drawing.

1.  Separate the group into teams with an equal number of participants.

2.  A child from team #1 chooses a picture from the themed icons in the game and “hides” it in the bag.

3.  Set a timer for a designated amount of time.  You may also choose not to set a timer at all.

4.  The child who hid the icon begins to draw it on a white board, chalkboard or paper for all to see.

5.  As the picture is drawn, teams call out what they think is being drawn.

6.  The team with the correct answer gets a point and a team member from team #2 gets a turn to choose and draw next.


  • Have the child draw for 10-20 seconds and then stop so the other children can ask questions such as “what category is it in?” or “what is it used for?” or “where would you find it?”  Then the child resumes drawing for another 10-20 seconds, when he pauses for more questions.  Continue in this manner until someone guesses the correct answer.
  • Have one child from each team draw at the same time showing their pictures only to teammates.  The team that answers correctly first wins the point.
  • When more order is needed, have each child take a turn asking a question and guessing.  This is an exercise in self-control and listening as the kids need to wait their turn, watch the drawing, and listen to the questions and answers given by peers.

Stay tuned each week as we introduce more fun ways to use the Bag Game App.  We’d love to hear your ideas, too!!

by Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L 

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