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Do you find yourself looking for an app that is more fun to play with others than alone? Then this is the app for you. A spin-off of 20 questions with more than 100 adorable graphics, this app provides many levels of difficulty so people of all ages can play against each other. Use the “Bag Game” during long car rides, waiting at a restaurant or doctor’s office, or any other time you are looking for a fun way to keep kids engaged with one another.

Ideal for use in small educational or therapy groups to address: 

  • Turn-taking
  • Impulse control because the “hider” can’t give away the answer while others are trying to guess
  • Theory of Mind skills because one needs to think about what others might be familiar with to keep it fair
  • Attending to other’s questions and guesses when played in a group

It is also great for addressing speech-language goals, such as:

  • Categorization because all of the graphics are bundled by category, subcategories are also included
  • Verbal description skills in a fun and engaging way
  • Question-asking skills. Sample questions are even included in the app itself
  • Deductive reasoning skills when played like 20 questions
  • Other early reasoning skills; such as, same/different and salience by using the graphics alone
  • Short term auditory memory skills – making mental pictures

Occupational therapists can use Bag Game for:

  • Visual scanning activity when kids choose an item to hide
  • Visual memory challenge; it can be hard to remember the item that was actually hidden
  • Motor planning; kids act out the item they hide in the bag.  It’s especially challenging to add action to an immobile object (e.g. how would you act out a hot dog?  Would you BE the hot dog or demonstrate EATING a hot dog?)
  • Representational drawing; kids choose an item to hide in the bag then draw it until others guess what it is

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