Bertie and the Big Squeak

eBook: Bertie and the Big Squeak

Author: Helen J Aitken

Age: preschool, early elementary

Description: Meet Bertie, the guinea pig, and join him as he helps his new friend, Jenny, find her squeak.


• Early narrative skills,
• Problem-solving
• Friendship concepts
• Interpreting body language
• Sequencing

Why I like this book: This eBook is the first in a wonderful series of stories with a simple narrative structure including all of the critical components – adorable characters, a clear “kick-off”, and several attempts to solve the problem. Oh, and of course, a happy ending. See Bertie and the New Baby 😉

Ideas for use:

– Have them retell the story using temporal markers of first, then, next, etc. Encourage them to use their own words, and use the pictures to help them along
– A great story to “act out.”. One of you can squeak and one can’t. Have fun finding objects to “be” the various places they looked for the squeak.
– Act out and point out the body language. How does the character feel? Why? How can you tell?
– A great book for discussion of how wonderful it feels to help someone else solve their problem. Share stories of times when each of you has helped a friend find something lost, or in some other way. Talk about how problems are best solved when everyone’s ideas are taken into account.

Submitted by: Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP

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