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Not By the Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin

Who says our kids need pretend playtime? It’s really a lot less demanding on us as adults to read them books or let them look at books (thought this is obviously important as well), let them watch TV, or play those educational games with iPads. Why should we go to all the hassle of providing […]


Sand Box Garden

The Atlantic Magazine posted a wonderful article about the importance of play in helping stem anxiety and depression in kids. You can read the entire article here: All Work and No Play. Basically, kids need less adult-directed time and more free playtime together. As the weather is becoming nicer I love to see kids outside […]

lemonade stand

Who Wants Lemonade?

I always struggle to find good activities to address higher level language concepts such as inferencing, predicting and problem solving. I often know what I want to work on, but finding the right tool that is motivating is another battle. But of course with the iPad…anything is possible. Recently I found the app Lemonade Stand. […]

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Critical Elements of Make-Believe Play

“Research provides more and more evidence of the positive effects that well-developed play has on various areas of child development, such as children’s social skills, emerging mathematical ability, mastery of early literacy concepts, and self-regulation.” writes Deboral J. Leong, PhD and Elena Bodrova, PhD. in NAEYCE article, Assessing and Scaffolding Make-Believe Play Dr. Leong and […]

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Let’s Play Animal Doctor

Animals get sick and hurt and go to the doctors – simple theme but oh… so many sensory, motor and social experiences to practice! Choose Your Role We like the kids to have any role they choose and we fill in the empty roles. Sometimes they like to be the pet, sometimes the vet, the […]


Rescuing Mermaids Takes a Whole Team

Playing board games doesn’t always have to be competitive. Some games are designed to get kids working as a team. This is a common theme in our Social Adventures Groups – working as a team. It seems a simple concept, but difficult for our kids to grasp. Kids in general are pretty egocentric around ages […]

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Ganging up and Giggling

I run a little social dyad with two school-aged boys (almost middle schoolers). They both need a lot of support to appropriately initiate, and especially to maintain interactions. We use a variety of different strategies and approaches to help them reach their goals. Ask-Ask-Tell from our Social Adventures App, vocabulary and concepts from Social Thinking ™ (i.e. […]


The Magic of “Say a Name”

We have been running Social Adventure Groups for almost 20 years and although the kids in the program all come with unique challenges and strengths, most if not all of them, do seem to have one thing in common. They don’t gain the attention of their peers. As a result, chaos often ensues. During our […]