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My PlayHome… Beyond the iPad

I recently started seeing more little 2-5 year olds with significant delays in pretend play skills. Although I still love teaching these skills through the use of pretend play sets (house, farm, etc), I have found that kids often become repetitive or lose interest quickly. Enter My PlayHome on the iPad. This adorable app is […]

A Face Can Tell a 1000 Stories

Emotions…ahhh, the big word for kids on the autism spectrum or for children with non-verbal learning disabilities.  We are all looking for ways to help kids better understand facial expressions and emotions.  Live faces can be too overwhelming and therefore impossible to process.  TV and movies go by too fast to enable effective understanding.  Photo […]

Super Heroes Promote Flexibility

What boy does not crave to be, see, watch, play-act, and create super heroes (sorry to be sexist but my experience leads me to make these generalizations)? The majority of my male students tend to talk about super heroes in one of three ways: 1) describing in detail everything they have seen their super hero […]


Pirates Motivate Kids Reticent to Draw

Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard’s Treasure with Oscar & Josephine THIS is the best app ever! OK…maybe not the best for everything but it tackles issues that I have found difficult to address in my OT sessions over the years. One of my kids, Harry, refuses to draw anything but stick figures and lines that look like […]

Social Skills Matchmaker?

It’s that time of year… the temperature is beginning to fall, school supplies are purchased, kids are settling back into the school routine and the first week of the Fall session of our Social Adventures Group Program has come to a satisfying end.  As the Group Coordinator at Children’s Therapy Associates, I always look forward […]

Endless Possibilities

As an OT, I am finding the idea of iPad apps helping kids develop fine motor skills or social skills kind of a peculiar concept.  This might sound strange to our readers since I am a co-developer of a soon-to-be-published app for children.  I feel a need to explain myself so please stick with me.  […]

Not as Easy as it Seems

by Jill Perry MHA, MS, OTR/L How difficult do you think a color, cut, and paste activity is for a five year old?  What could be simpler?  Let’s look more closely at skills needed…     First, if a sample is presented, the child needs to be able to perceive the spatial arrangement of the […]

Toca Hair Salon Goes Social

by Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP So last week in group with three 4 year-olds who are very ego-centric, we started off working on “bumping words” and ended up working on perspective-taking. Ah… perspective-taking…such a critical social skill and yet SO difficult to teach, especially to our youngest Social Adventurers. But as I was saying, […]

Angry Birds Goes Social

by Karen Head, MS, CCC-SLP So yesterday, we had one of those social group meetings where one of the new 6-year old boys simply could not be coaxed away from his mom and into the group. Enter…iPad. That brought out a smile, but no movement toward the other kids. When asked what apps he liked […]

Social Skills Success

How do you measure success of a social skills program for children? Are there specific evaluation tools to use? Do you collect and analyze data during the final group sessions? Do parents and teachers complete yet another questionnaire or survey? Success can be found in the functional outcomes of the group… When a parent reports […]