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Compliments and Truth Telling

  What happens when someone gives the children in your life presents they don’t like?  Do they say, “Thank you” even if it’s not the present they were expecting?  Do they recognize that the gift giver did something kind or do they say, “I don’t like it”?  Do they think they are not telling the […]


The Joy of Story Telling

Story telling is fundamental to human interaction.  It is the way that we share experiences, relate to one another and empathize with others.  Story telling is the way we keep family memories alive, study history and understand our place in the world.  Story telling starts very young.  Children as young as 2-3 years begin to […]

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Body Talk

Many years ago, I first heard that communication was more about body language than words.  As an OT who worked with children who had motor planning challenges, I was fascinated by how limiting their inability to imitate was on communication.  Ever since Albert Mehrabian’s famous study in 1967, people have quoted his formula, misquoted it […]


Social Skills Groups 101

Today, we are blogging over at  As interest in social skills development has increased, so has the understanding that some children have more difficulty than others decoding the various social cues that many of us take for granted.  We have begun to appreciate that many children who are struggling socially do so not because they are “attention seeking” […]


College Roommates

Ultimately, they will get to know each other and appreciate each other even if they don’t become best friends. They will learn to communicate and talk about the hard stuff while laughing at what will seem silly to them in the end. They will become skilled at negotiating and compromising. These are the thoughts that swirled in […]


Tips for Adjusting Voice Volume and Tone

Today, we are blogging over at  Voice volume and tone of voice are both subtle but critical aspects of social interaction. We all know a child who talks too loudly during interactions, their voice overpowering the conversation and negatively affecting their peer interactions.  There are the children who don’t speak loud enough for their opinions […]


Profile of Phonological Awareness

  The ProPA app is a must have for a speech language pathologist, or any educator who is working with preschool to early elementary students. Created by the brilliant Tanya Coyle (known at @SLPTanya on Twitter), it is filled with valuable information, and is easy to administer. As stated within the app itself, it was created “for […]


Creative Ideas for Using a Recorder – Part 2

Today we are blogging over at Today’s post is Part 2 of a two-part series which offers lots of ideas for therapeutic uses of the recorder. The first part includes many insights from Orly Zalel, developmental musician and music teacher, and today’s post shares ideas for using the recorder to address speech-language goals. You […]