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As therapists, we constantly use literature to support various concepts. In our clinic we constantly find ourselves asking each other, “Do you have a good book for X?” or parents asking us “What would be some good books to read to help our child?” We started to imagine a central resource with book reviews that detail how they could be used, and the result is this: a forum that provides an opportunity for clinicians, educators and parents to share books that they use, “how” they use them, and what makes the book wonderful for helping our children.

yum yuk

Yum! Yuck!

Title: Yum! Yuck! A Foldout Book of People Sounds Author: Linda Sue Park, Julia Durango Age: Preschool, Early Elementary Description: This story shows single words/sounds that demonstrate emotion (i.e. yum!, yuck!, boo hoo!, etc.) in various foreign languages (i.e. Farsi, Danish, German, etc.), with the inside page showing the English word. Goals/Concepts: •Reading non-verbal language […]

the busy spider

The Very Busy Spider

Title: The Very Busy Spider Author: Eric Carle Age: Preschool, Early Elementary Description: This story follows a busy spider that is working on her web on a fence post on a farm. Various farm animals stop by to see her, but she is too busy to answer. Goals/Concepts: Question Formulation (Do you want to X?) […]