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As therapists, we constantly use literature to support various concepts. In our clinic we constantly find ourselves asking each other, “Do you have a good book for X?” or parents asking us “What would be some good books to read to help our child?” We started to imagine a central resource with book reviews that detail how they could be used, and the result is this: a forum that provides an opportunity for clinicians, educators and parents to share books that they use, “how” they use them, and what makes the book wonderful for helping our children.

red sled

Red Sled

Title: Red Sled  Author: Lita Judge Description:  A little girl leaves her sled outside at night, and realizes that she is sharing it with many forest animals! Goals/ objectives: Early narrative (simple sequence story) Perspective taking Early prediction Emotion/Facial Expression Vocabulary (forest animals: moose, raccoons, opossum, porcupine, etc.) Social Pragmatics Speech Production Why I like this […]


Snow Friends

Title:  Snow Friends Author: M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton Description: A little bear wakes from his winter nap and has no one to enjoy the snow with. He decides to build a snowman to play with and meets some friends along the way. Goals/ objectives: Narrative/Retelling Early inferencing and predicting Why questions animal/winter vocabulary (winter animals: […]

mitten mystery

The Missing Mitten Mystery

Title: The Missing Mitten Mystery Author: Steven Kellogg Description: Annie loses her 5th mitten of the season.  While trying to find it her imagination goes wild.  It is found in a most unexpected place. Goals/ objectives: Question-asking Negation Flexible thinking Sequencing/ retelling Body language/ facial expression “wondering” vs “knowing” Why I like this story: A wonderful winter story about […]

40-p13-Rabbit’sGift (1)

Rabbit’s Gift

Title: Rabbit’s Gift Author: George Shannon / Laura Dronzek Description: A rabbit has a bit more food than she needs for the winter. Soon she learns that sharing with others leads to a wonderful surprise. This sweet story is based upon a Chinese Fable. Goals/ objectives: • Regular past tense • sequencing/ Retelling • early […]


Crepes by Suzette Interactive Book App

  Title: Crepes by Suzette Author: Monica Wellington (See another story by Monica reviewed on all4mychild here Description:  Suzette, the main character of this story, is a Parisian crepe maker and street-cart Vendor, who travels throughout Paris selling her delicious dessert. This app has wonderful interactive components throughout the story that including a labeled map of […]

Red head pic

Red Hat

Title: Red Hat Author: Lita Judge Description:  Similar to Lita Judge’s winter story, Red Sled (see review here) a little girl leaves her red hat outside on the clothes line, and many forest animals decide to borrow it for some fun. However, when they return the hat…it isn’t the same. Goals/ objectives: Early narrative (simple sequence […]

Book Dont wake up the bear

Don’t Wake up the Bear

Title: Don’t Wake Up the Bear!  Author: Majorie Dennis Murray Description: A sleeping bear becomes a warm, comfy place for many animals to keep warm in the cold. But this becomes a problem when a mouse with a cold wakes up the bear. Goals/ objectives: negation and contractions (“don’t”) sequencing/ Retelling early prediction why animal […]


The Snowy Day

Title: The Snowy Day Author: Ezra Jack Keats Description: A classic winter tale of a young boy’s adventures in the snow. Goals/objectives: • Early 2-word combinations • Simple sequencing • Early inferencing • “s”-blends • “wh” questions Why I like this story: This adorable tale lends itself to use with a wide range of ages. […]


Me and My Dragon Scared of Halloween

Title: Me and My Dragon: Scared of Halloween Author and Illustrator:  David Biedrzycki Age:  preschool, early elementary Description:  A boy tried to help his pet dragon to not be afraid of Halloween. Goals/Concepts: Perspective taking Body language Early prediction and inferencing Trying new experiences Narrative language Pretend play Trickery Social skills Halloween vocabulary Why I like this book: […]


Me and My Dragon

Title:  Me and My Dragon Author and Illustrator:  David Biedrzycki Age:  preschool, early elementary Description:  A boy describes all the things he could do with a dragon and how he would take care of this new and unusual pet. Goals/Concepts: Perspective taking Body language Early prediction Trying new experiences Managing the unexpected Pretend play Trickery […]