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As therapists, we constantly use literature to support various concepts. In our clinic we constantly find ourselves asking each other, “Do you have a good book for X?” or parents asking us “What would be some good books to read to help our child?” We started to imagine a central resource with book reviews that detail how they could be used, and the result is this: a forum that provides an opportunity for clinicians, educators and parents to share books that they use, “how” they use them, and what makes the book wonderful for helping our children.


A Day Without Rules

Title: A Day Without Rules Author: Billy Boston, Illustrated by Joel McNatt Description: A classroom of children get to see the effects of not having rules for the day. They learn to see the importance of respecting each other. Why I like this story: A good story for the preschool/kindergarten classroom, as the story provides situations that kids […]


The Little Red Elf

  Title: The Little Red Elf  Author: Barbara Barbieri McGrath Description: A play on the Little Red Hen, the little elf tries to get her friends to help her plant and grow a Christmas tree. The penguin, the hare and the reindeer choose to be lazy or do what they want rather than help their friend. They learn […]

arnosky turkey

I’m a Turkey

Title: I’m A Turkey! Author: Jim Arnosky Description:  The life of a turkey from his own perspective. Goals/concepts: -phonological awareness skills (rhyming) -why questions (i.e. ups and downs of being a turkey, why must they be careful, etc.) -Discussion around body language (i.e. discuss how they communicate “without words”) -perspective taking Why I like this book: It’s a […]



Title: Elmer Author: David McKee Description: Elmer the elephant isn’t like all the other elephants. He’s colorful and struggles with that difference. After trying to be like all the other elephants and failing, he realizes how much his friends appreciate his uniqueness. Goals: Friendship Social Skills Narrative language/Retelling Animal Vocabulary Why I like this book: A good example of […]

Old Lady

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books

Title:  There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books! Author: Lucille Colandro Description: Another version of the little old lady who swallowed a fly, but with a back to school twist…. Goals: Sequencing Story retell Early Prediction Phonological Awareness (Rhyming) Speech Production (s-blends, /sw/) Why I like this book: There is something about this crazy […]


Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder?

Title:  Can I Bring Woolly to the Library, Ms. Reeder? Author: Lois Grambling Description: A little boy fantasizes about bringing a Woolly Mammoth named “Woolly” to the library. He provides many reasons why Wooly should be allowed, and predicts what would and could happen.   Goals: “Why” questions Inferencing/prediction Curriculum connections: extinct animals Reading Body Language […]


Being Frank

Title:  Being Frank Author:  Donna W Earnhardt Illustrator:  Andrea Castellani Description:   Frank learns that “being honest” can be tricky business.  A wise grandpa suggests that “more sugar and less pepper” is often the best way to go… Goals/Concepts: Social skills, especially being honest yet kind Emotions Body Language Perspective Taking Inferencing/Predicting Narrative Language Why […]

I am invited to a party

I am Invited to a Party

Title: I Am Invited to a Party! Author: Mo Willems Age: Early Elementary/Elementary Description: Piggie is invited to a party! He asks Elephant for some help because Elephant…he knows parties. Goals/Concepts: Social skills Emotions Body Language Perspective Taking Inferencing/Predicting Narrative Language Written Language Why I Like This Book: There isn’t an Elephant and Piggie book […]


The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse

Title:  The Kitten Who Thought He Was a Mouse Author:  Miriam Norton Illustrator:  Garth Williams Age:  Early Elementary Description:  An abandoned kitten is adopted by a  mouse family.  The kitten grows up believing he is a mouse until the children of the house get involved. Goals/Concepts: Theory of Mind – both cognitive and emotional Narrative […]

mother goose

My Very First Mother Goose

Title: My Very First Mother Goose Editor: Iona Opie Illustrator: Rosemary Wells Age: preschool, elementary school Description: Dozens of Mother Goose rhymes presented in familiar verse with exceptionally charming watercolor illustrations that appear to move across the page. Goals/Concepts: • Rhyming and rhythm • Phonological awareness • Reading readiness • Vocabulary • Body language • Attention […]