An Introduction to books4all 6/4/11
As therapists, we are constantly using literature to support various concepts. Often in the clinic, we find ourselves asking each other constantly, “Do you have a good book for X?” or parents asking us “What would be some good books to read to help our child? In our discussion, we realized that we even use the same book for completely different goals and objectives. We thought what a great resource it would be to have 1 place to post books that we constantly use and highlight “how” we use them. This forum would provide an opportunity for clinicians, educators and parents to share books that they use, “how” they use them, and what makes the book wonderful for helping our children. We are also very interested in the use of ebooks, or books as apps with children. We plan to include these as well, and please feel free to include these in your reviews!


Are you interested in contributing? If so, send us a review to with the following information:

  • Book Title and Author
  • A brief description
  • Approximate Age/Language Level (birth-3, preschool, early elementary, elementary, tween, young adult)
  • Goals/Concepts addressed
  • Why you enjoy this story (optional)
  • Ideas for use (optional)
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