Can I Play Too?

Title: Can I Play Too?

Author: Mo Williams

Age: Early Elementary

Description: Piggie and Elephant plan to play catch when another friend (snake) wants to join in. They are struggling to figure out how include snake because he doesn’t have arms! They work together and after some failed attempts, come up with a solution!


  • social language
  • friendship
  • perspective taking
  • reading body language
  • emotions
  • flexibility

Why I like this book.: A wonderful book to teach friendship. They don’t quit until they can find a way for everyone to be included and happy.

Ideas for use:

  • A great book for reading body language. Use cut out thinking bubbles and discuss how characters are thinking and feeling and why.
  • Read to a social group. Discuss how everyone was included.
  • Role play how to think of a role for everyone. Give them a game (i.e. tag, catch, hide and seek, UNO, etc). See if they can think of a “role”if someone were to join (i.e. change the game, add another “job” , wait and take turns, etc.)
  • Great for discussing and modeling less straight forward emotions such as “embarrassment, concern, determination, etc.”
  • Great book to read when working on tone of voice. Have the kiddo “act” as a character, and read their lines with appropriate tone of voice and body language.
  • Talk about flexible thinking.  After trying the same solution to the problem over and over again, how did Piggy come up with a totally novel idea?  Talk about other ways this problem could have been solved.  Create a “problem” in a game and have the kids solve it to practice including everyone.
  • When snake was accidentally hurt,  he didn’t get angry because he understood his friends were trying to help.  Talk about intention and attitude with kids.  This is especially important for kids who have trouble reading body clues and for kids with sensory modulation issues.

Submitted by: Meghan Graham M.S. CCC-SLP and Jill Perry MHA M.S. OTR/L

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