Carl's bday

Carl’s Birthday

Title: Carl’s Birthday

Author: Alexandra Day

Description: A mother tries to surprise Carl her dog with a surprise party. However, Carl and Madeline ,the little girl, find out on their adventure through the house.


  • Narrative / Retelling  (Wordless book)
  • Speech production /k/ (Carl, cake, coat, collar)
  • Why questions
  • Perspective taking
  • Verbs

Why I like this book: A beautifully illustrated wordless book that works well across ages. I keep finding new ways to use it, and kids love it. If you’re a dog lover, the book is even more appealing.
I look forward to reviewing more of the series.

Ideas for use:

  • Given it’s a wordless book, it’s a great book for overall expressive language. Take turns on each page being the “author.” Focus on any number of language goals: subject + verb + object, causal, sub- verb agreement, etc.
  • Great for retelling. Incorporate “first, next, then, etc.”
  • Use for speech production, especially “fronting.”  “Carl goes…..” is a great repetative phrase to work on. Additonally there are other opportunities including “cake, kids, coat, collar, etc.”
  • Why questions: Have kiddos figure out Why is mommy cleaning up? Why are Carl and Madeline hiding under the table?” etc. Use the illustrations to help them generate their own answers.
  • Good for basic perspective taking. The mommy doesn’t know that Carl and Madeline are in the house? Why? Why don’t they want her to know they are there? Use cut out bubble thoughts to help with this concept.
  • Great for basic verbs as Carl and Madeline do many activities (run, eat, drink, play, hide, etc.). Easy to incorporate “he/she/they” as well.

Submitted by: Meghan G.Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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