Easi-Speak USB Recorder Pumps Up the Drama

In our Social Adventures Groups, we are often looking for motivating activities for addressing “tone of voice”.  One of the games we play is one we call “My Voice Says it All.”  During this game, we have kids choose two cards, one from the “Emotion” pile and one from the “Phrase” pile.  We then ask them to say the phrase with the chosen emotion and friends provide feedback.  Sometimes, we have the speaker choose the cards in private and then the rest of the group is asked to guess the emotion used.  (See our Social Adventures Apps for detailed instructions and Parent Tips)

This game has always been fun, but with the addition of the Easi-Speak USB Recorder, each child’s inner drama king/queen came right out!  Something about holding such a realistic-looking microphone helped the kids really get in the mood.  Not only did their tone of voice more closely approximate that of the chosen emotion, but so did their body language.  It was really incredible!  Gotta love a great prop!

But that’s not all… this microphone is also a digital recorder.  It saves audio files right on the microphone, so we were able to record each of the kids as they took their turn.  If the kids were having trouble determining a friend’s emotion, we were able to stop the game, playback the phrase and talk with the group about what changes in tone of voice would better convey that emotion.  The kids LOVED listening to themselves on tape, so they were much more motivated to keep trying until they got it right.

Many of us have also used this microphone in our individual sessions to motivate kids to generate narratives.  Just the other day, one of my kids who doesn’t typically string more than 2 sentences together narrated an entire Berenstein’s Bear book.  He held the mike and described each picture while I flipped the pages and smiled a great big smile.  Then… we plugged the mike into the USB port of my laptop and sent the recording to his mom who was, needless to say, thrilled!

Finally, we have used this recorder during evaluations.  Again, it increases kids motivation to speak, records with excellent quality and is super user-friendly.  So, we give the Easi-Speak USB Recorder a definite “thumbs way up”!  If you are asking, “Is there anything that could make it even better?” then we would say that it would be really cool if the Easi-Speak offered an amplification option.  And they do… it is called the Easi-Speak Sound Station. We will be using this mike and sound station a LOT in our individual and group therapies!!

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By Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP

Disclaimer:  this device was given to all4mychild free of charge with the express purpose of providing a review.

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