far to the north

Far to the North – eBook

Title:  Far to the North

Author/Illustrator:  Gina Ricci

Description:  A sweet celebration of the polar bear and the beauty of the North Pole.


  • rhyming
  • early description skills
  • early sequencing
  • introduction to North Pole and Northern Lights
  • /r/ production

What I like about this book:  The story is quite short and sweet and the illustrations are delightful.

Ideas for this book:

  • For early talkers, encourage them to “read” the book by describing each page.  The illustrations are great for generating subject-verb utterances.
  • While reading this book, pause to have the child fill in the rhyming word
  • For older children, this beautiful book could be used as an introduction to a on the North Pole, including the Northern Lights
  • For kids working on /r/ words, this book offers a short, sweet opportunity to practice.  Targets include:  polar, bear, northern, stare, far, north, mystery, bright and star.
  • If you are looking for some additional help with facilitating /r/ development, here are some awesome resources:
Submitted by:  Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP
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