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The Fun Timer provides a new twist on timers and is specifically designed specifically for kids who have little sense of time or weak time management skills.   Instead of earning or losing TIME, the child earns or loses FUN (or any other reinforcer that is meaningful).  The center of the timer is fully customizable so you can type, draw or import an image of anything that will motivate your child.  You can also customize the amount of time that will elapse.
When you choose the EARNING function, simply press START and the image will begin to appear bit by bit until the entire image appears.  This function can be used when you want to motivate children to stick with a task for a specific amount of time.  Cleaning up for 3 minutes, writing their name for 2 minutes, doing jumping jacks for 1 minute, the options are endless.  Once the time has elapsed, the child earns the reinforcer – a trip to the playground, a special snack, TV… again, the options are endless!
You can also use this function as a TIME OUT timer.  Simply type “ALL DONE” in the center and strt the timer for length of time out.  Turn on the accompanying music to help kids calm themselves.  Once the time is up, they see that time out is ALL DONE and they can move on with their day.
When the LOSING function is chosen, the Fun Timer has a new purpose.  Now it is used to let kids know that if they don’t stay on task, they will lose the reinforcer.  This particular form of behavior management; known as cost-response, has been shown to be particularly powerful for highly impulsive children.  Choose this option when kids begin to go “off-task”.  Simply press START and the reinforcer in the center slowly disappears, providing a concrete representation of the fact that they are LOSING their reinforcer.  Once kids return to the task at hand, the user can press STOP and the timer resets or the user can press PAUSE for ongoing feedback.   


  • Words, drawings, or imported images can be placed in the center of the timer to create relevance for each child or group.
  • Customizable for speed and sound.
  • Encouraging face pops up when kids achieve their goal.
  • Congratulatory words and sounds can be recorded to suit your child’s need or interest.
  • Music is recorded at 1 beat per second and can be turned on or off.