Hear All Helps with Collaboration

A major challenge for one of our school-aged social groups is collaboration. Of course, this calls for integration of many social skills. One of the skills that we wanted to focus on was listening to each other versus talking over each other. We call this “bumping words.” In a group of 6 spirited, at times inflexible school-aged children, this is a major challenge. During a collaborative board game making activity from our Social Adventure App, we decided to address this goal using another tool, the Hear all Voice Recorder from Learning Resources.

This recorder allows you to record multiple children at one time, with reduced background noise. We used this to record the students as they were negotiating various parts of their board game creation. The playback is quite clear, so it was a great way to illustrate to them when “bumping words” was occurring. They were able to hear themselves, and how hard it was to get anything done when they weren’t listening to each other. The students were able to reflect on their own performances (i.e. “I started talking when Jacob was talking, and didn’t hear what he said”), and give feedback to their peers (i.e. “you didn’t listen to my words before you gave your own idea”). We were able to discuss this in a “safe” and “supported” environment, and to then try to negotiate the next decision for the board game with increased success. The device wasn’t distracting at all (we often find that using the iPad as a recording device can be a distraction for this group), and produced a great quality recording. The device can be easily plugged into your computer through a USB port. Recordings can then be saved for later reflection by you or the group as a whole, and/or emailed and shared with other professionals or parents. Our plan is to “chart” our progress during negotiations by keeping track of how many times we “bump” words with others. This tool has been wonderful to discretely teach this skill. We look forward to using this device for various purposes including narrative language, assessments and more collaborative activities in social groups. Submitted by: Meghan G Graham, MS, CCC-SLP *It is noted that all4mychild received this device from Learning Resources. They were not involved in the writing of this blog, as the blog reflects only my opinion of the device. 

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