Heidi from Pediastaff Helps Bring our Tagline to Life!


When we founded all4mychild in the spring of 2011, we thought long and hard about our tagline.  We wanted it to truly represent our mission.  We wanted it to let people know that we believe that collaboration always brings about the best ideas.  We also wanted to provide helpful tools to parents, teachers and therapists and to do so by taking advantage of the amazing new technologies available to all of us.  So, “collaborative tools and technologies” became our tagline.


Within weeks of posting our first books4all review, we were contacted by someone who defines collaboration:  Heidi Kay, from Pediastaff.  She asked if she could link to one of our posts, we said “YES!” and so began a 2-year journey of collaboration. (If you don’t already know Heidi, you can learn more about her over at  Heidi is incredibly passionate about bringing people together and one of the people that she connected us with is Bill Blinko over at

One day, we were thinking about adding an image library to our Talking Train App and we started looking around on Google.  We just weren’t finding the kind of iconic drawings we were hoping for so we took a break and checked our email.  Well, it must have been a Friday because we opened email to find our weekly Pediastaff newsletter and that’s when we thought of Bill and had the brilliant idea to contact him to see if he would like to collaborate with us on our Talking Train app.  And he did…

Bill generously offered to give us 100 fantastic images to add to our app and we offered to add a link to his incredible site.  And now the Talking Train is fully customizable and can be used as a visual support for all kinds of activities for kids from story-telling to drill practice to sending thank you notes notes to social skills to social stories.  You name it, if it’s visual, it’s possible and now it’s adorable because of the addition of these awesome images!


Thank you, Heidi, for bring us all together and here’s to many more years of collaboration!

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