Hey, Little Ant

Title: Hey, Little Ant

Author: Phillip and Hannah Hoose

Illustrator: Debbie Tilley

Age: early elementary, elementary, middle school

Description: A boy has to decide whether to squish an ant, or not. He is persuaded by friends and the perspective of the ant itself.


  • Perspective Taking
  • Social Skills
  • Narrative/Retelling
  • Tone of Voice

Why I like this book: A good story to clearly show perspective taking. It also leads to great discussion in social groups across the ages.

Ideas for use:

  • Act out the story. One person be the boy and the other the ant. If you’re in a group- there are friends as well. Switch roles.
  • While acting out, practice tone of voice and body language. How would the ant look, feel, sound like if he was about to be squished?
  • A great story to pair with “Braidy” through Mindwing Concepts. Use to retell the story from different perspectives (boys, ants, friends). Can create thinking and speaking bubbles to pair with the story where necessary.
  • A great story for discussion with older kids about “early peer pressure” (as the friends want him to squish the ant). Could also pair to introduce with Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Behavior Maps to show how behaviors have consequences for yourself and others.
  • The books leads to discussion as the ending isn’t told. Would be great to discuss causality- what would happen if he does? If he doesn’t? How will he feel? What would happen to the ant’s family? This can be modified based on the age of the child
  • If you’re musically inclined there is a song that goes with the story- sing along and enjoy :)
  • Use for writing. Do compare and contrasting paragraphs with a graphic organizer and/or venn diagram. What the same about the boy and the ant? What’s different?
  • Could pair with curriculum topics about insects, protecting species, etc.
  • A nice post on activity ideas to go along with this story, geared towards elementary school and beyond teachers guide to the Little Ant

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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