I Just Forgot

Title: I Just Forgot

Author: Mercer Meyer

Age: preschool, early elementary

Description: Little Critter tries to remember what he’s supposed to do…but sometimes, he just forgets.

• “F “ initial words
• Reading body language
• Early narrative
• Sentence structure, conjunctions “but”
• Early “why” questions (Why is mommy frustrated/mad?)

Why I like this book: Little Critter is easy for kids to relate to, and adorable.

Ideas for use:
• Have speech production kiddos repeat and label “f” initial words (i.e. forgot, feed, feel, ect.)
• Have kids interpret body language. How is mommy feeling? Why? Have kids act it out.
• Why does your mommy feel mad/frustrated? When is she happy?
• Have kids retell the story. Have them include “first, next, then, last.”
• Model “but”- Little critter put his dishes in the sink BUT…he forgot to put the milk away. (see if they can fill in the “but” clause) See if they can use “but.” Have them make up their own stories. I.e.” I remembered to get dressed, BUT I forgot to brush my teeth…” Have them add their own illustrations.

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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