Kindertown Power Pack Features the Bag Game!!

Want your kids to increase their vocabulary? KinderTown suggests using Bag Game with activities.

KinderTown, one of our favorite tools for finding the best educational apps for kids, just released a new feature called “Power Packs” which we think busy parents will love. Each Power Pack is a mini teaching guide tailored to helping parents teach their children new skills using apps, activities, assessments and other materials. The power packs are aligned to the KinderTown learning map and focus on developing skills that are important to children ages 3 to 8 years old. The goal of power packs is not only to help parents guide their children’s learning, but to help them combine mobile app play with traditional play and create more educational experiences at home that don’t involve technology at all.

KinderTown chose our app, Bag Game, for developing Vocabulary and pairs our app with other activities in the Vocabulary Power Pack, Level 3K. In this power pack, you’ll find activities and apps that support introducing rich vocabulary into your child’s world. As you spend the next weeks and months focused in this area, your child will develop a more diverse vocabulary and a better understanding of what different words mean. Most of the activities, tips, apps and learning materials focus on learning through rich conversations, speech and books. This means exposing your child to new language in a natural way through simple talkinging, reading, singing, etc.

You can see an example of a PowerPack for free via SlideShare

How to become a Power Parent?

Power Packs can be found in the free KinderTown app, which is available for download on iPads (including iPad minis), iPhones, and iPod Touches. The power packs can be purchased individually if you just want to focus on a specific skill, or you can get access to all of the power packs, as well as other premium features like being able to search for free apps, by becoming a Power Parent for $3.99. KinderTown says the plan to add new power packs to the library every week and that power parents can expect even more features in the future.

We think KinderTown is a wonderful tool for parents who are interested in mixing learning into their child’s everyday play. You should check them out and download their free app now! 

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