Learning About Friends with Elmo

Recently, Heidi over at Pediastaff shared an adorable YouTube video on one of her many Pinterest boards.  If you don’t know about it already, it is the I’m Elmo and I Know it! Video.  She suggested using it for an “all about me” activity and that’s just what we did last week.  It was a hit!! First, enjoy this incredible video and then see how we used it…


We had a new boy joining our 4-year old group and we always like to do an activity to make introductions fun, so on this particular day we showed the kids this hilarious video. One of the concepts we frequently work on with our kids is the “just right” amount of information to share with friends.  Since some of our kids are reticent to share at all and others like to go on and on and on and on, we have introduced the notion of sharing 3 important details.  Elmo’s video provided a great frame for this.

Following the video, I modeled my own version of the song:

I’m Karen and I know it,

I like to eat pizza
I like to watch movies
And I like to dance

I’m Karen and I know it!

(OK, maybe not perfectly in sync with the rhythm, but you get the idea and the kids were very forgiving :))

Then we had the kids sing their own songs about themselves.  Because most of them were familiar with the pop song it is based on, they had the rhythm down and easily shared just three things.  As a follow up, we asked kids to remember what they learned about their friends and they did great!  The song format had also facilitated active listening, another concept we are always working on.

Thanks so much for the inspiration Heidi.  Needless to say, our newest group member had a wonderful first session!!  Oh… And thanks to the people who made the video… Brilliant!

Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP

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  1. Heidi Kay
    Heidi Kay says:

    How awesome is this ladies?? I am so thrilled to see the things we find used in the clinic. There is a funny pin going around Pinterest that said “I actually MADE something from Pinterest today instead of just repinning it.” This post and activity makes me feel GREAT that we really ARE inspiring you guys in the clinic and classroom – and that its not just a pipe dream. :-)


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