little blue and little yellow

Book:   Little Blue and Little Yellow

Author:  Leo Lionni

Age:  preschool, elementary school

Description:  Best friends, little blue and little yellow, have lots of fun playing together.  When they hug each other, their color changes, which creates a problem.  This story about friends, family, and fun can be read and played out on many different levels.


  • Perspective taking
  • Social Skills
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Symbolic play
  • Why questions
  • Prediction
  • Visual perception/visual motor
  • Friendship
  • Sequencing
  • Motor planning

Why I like this book:   All of the characters in this book are represented by torn pieces of colored paper.  Yet, children are captivated by how they come alive in the book as they play together, spent time in their homes with family, cry, and rejoice.

Ideas for use:  

  • As you read the book through the first time, ask questions about how the “friends” and “papas and mamas” feel based on what the torn paper “characters” look like on the page.
  • Ask kids if they can predict what will happen as the story unfolds.
  • See if kids can interpret the actions of the characters on each page as the colors are shown playing hide-n-seek, ring around the rosie, jumping, and going through tunnels.
  • Have kids think of solutions to problems that arise in the story.
  • After reading the story, have the kids re-tell the story in the proper sequence.
  • Make an obstacle course to act out the story.
  • Have kids tear up pieces of construction paper and create their own stories with their own colors and actions.
  • Give each child one color and have the kids make a group mural of the entire story sequence.

Submitted by:  Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L

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