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Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Book Title Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Author: Anna Dewdney

A brief description: Llama Llama Holiday Drama is a cute book about a young llama who endures all of the preparations of Christmas and eagerly anticipates the arrival of the holiday…only to find that the hoopla of the big day is a bit too much. The book ends with little llama snuggled up in his mama’s lap, learning that “Gifts are nice, but there’s another; The true gift we have is each other” (pg. 27).

Approximate Age/Language Level: Preschool/Early Elementary

Goals/Concepts addressed: Llama Llama is ripe with possibilities for speech and language goals. There is, of course, the most obvious one: any child working on /l/ sounds will love to practice them over and over while reading this book. The book can also be used to facilitate a discussion of Christmas vocabulary, both familiar (fluffy snow, cookies, gifts, stocking, snowflakes) and unfamiliar (dreidels, eggnog, jingle music, funny elves, lights ablaze). It’s written in a catchy rhyme, making it a great book for helping build phonemic awareness. And finally, the underlying themes of anticipation, disappointment, and love help weave a beautiful story that holds great potential for promoting discussion about emotions.

Ideas for use:

  • Practice or bombard with /l/ sounds while reading.
  • Before reading the book, discuss Christmas vocabulary.
  • During or after reading the book, discuss and define unknown vocabulary.
  • Before reading the book, list and discuss Christmas traditions.
  • As you read the book, check off the traditions you had listed.
  • After you read the book, list and discuss the traditions that were not thought of before reading the book.
  • Ask students to summarize the narrative in their own words, as doing so requires them to infer what happened to little llama and put it into simple narrative format.
  • Use the book as a springboard for discussion about emotions; talk about different emotions and how we learn to manage our emotions.
  • ALSO ADDED a Lesson Plan from the Lesson Diva idea. Thanks Heidi from @pediastaff for the heads up!
Submitted by: Becca Jarzynski, M.S., CCC-SLP, Author of Child Talk: www.talkingkids.orgwww.facebook.com/ChildTalk

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