Title: Moondance

Author: Frank Asch

Description: Bear has a wish to dance with the moon. Before his wish comes true, he learns a little bit about weather and a lot about friendship.

Goals/ objectives:
• Wishing vs knowing
• Inferencing/ Prediction
• Sequencing/ retelling
• Describing supportive friendships
• Simple weather concepts

Why I like this story: It is a classic, it is very sweet, and it can be read and discussed at a number of different levels.

Ideas for use:

  • Wishing for something to happen vs knowing that something will happen can sometimes be confusing for little ones and this can lead to disappointment. This story provides an opportunity for talking about the difference between the two and for introducing the notions of flexibility and finding joy in alternatives
  • For younger or more concrete learners, this book provides an opportunity to introduce some simple weather facts and vocabulary (fog, clouds, rain, puddles, condensation, evaporation, etc)
  • Discuss the weather sequence in the story and other weather sequences (seasons, leaf sequence, etc)
  • Bird is a wonderful role model of a supportive friend throughout this story. His encouragement of Bear to consider alternatives comes up often. He helps Bear find alternative dance partners and he offers Bear another perspective when Bear feels left behind. Following the reading of this book, discuss Bear’s reactions to Bird suggestions and follow up with a discussion of how thinking flexibly is important.
  • The simple story line offers a great opportunity to introduce Braidy, the Story Grammar Marker from Mindwing Concepts.
  • Dancing is a major theme in this book. In a group, encourage kids tune into body language by first demonstrating how they might dance differently in fog, rain or a puddle. What about mud, snow or wind? Peers can try to guess where friends are dancing based on salient clues (e.g., shivering while dancing in snow, feet getting stuck in the mud, etc)

Submitted by Karen S Head MS CCC-SLP

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