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More Than Enough: A Passover Story

Title: More Than Enough

Author: April Halprin Wayland

Illustrator: Katie Kath

Age: preschool

Description:   A beautifully illustrated story of Passover and the rescue of a special friend.


  • Passover vocabulary and concepts
  • Holiday traditions
  • Sequencing
  • Early Prediction

Why I like this book: The story and illustrations provide a simple, though elegant description of Passover while the chorus “dayenu” provides the opportunity for interaction during a read aloud.

Ideas for use:

  • While reading aloud, ask the children to join in the chorus of “dayenu.” The rhythm of the story provides cues for the timing of this.
  • If using this book as an introduction to Passover as part of a broader discussion of various spring holidays, use the glossary to assist in teaching the vocabulary and other concepts introduced in the book.
  • To use this book as an opportunity to practice sequencing events, make reduced-size copies of each page, present them out of order and have the children put them into the correct order. Use temporal markers such as, first, next, then and last to support the sequencing structure.
  • This book depicts a large family and could be used to introduce extended family members such as grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.
  • If using this book to prepare a child for attending a Passover feast, read one time as an introduction and then read it again and encourage the child to predict what comes next in the sequence of events while reading the story.
  • For older children, explain the connection between rescuing the cat and the story of Passover.

Submitted by: Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP