my friend rabbit

My Friend Rabbit

Title: My Friend Rabbit

Author: Eric Rohmann

Age: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: Rabbit tries to be a good friend, but bad luck just seems to follow him. He is persistent in trying to make things right.


  • Reading body language
  • Early prediction
  • Early inferencing
  • Animal vocabulary
  • Spatial terms
  • Early narrative
  • Friendship

Why I like this book: The pictures are awesome. It’s an adorable story filled with friendship and humor that kids love.

Ideas for use:

  • A great story for the Story Grammar Marker “Braidy” through Simple characters, clear “kickoff,” plan, and an easy sequence to follow.
  • Have kids make guesses as to how characters are feeling and based on their body language. Frustrated, annoyed, sad, etc. The illustrations are great for emotions.
  • A great story for cut out “thinking bubbles”- what are the characters thinking, why?
  • This is a great story to model spatial concepts such as “on top,” “under,” “above,” “below,” etc. Use stuffed animals similar to the story to have kids follow directions incorporating these terms.
  • Have children predict what might happen next. There are lots of “clues” as to what rabbit’s plan is, as well as what eventually happens in the end.
  • Have the children add to the ending. What might the rabbit and mouse do next to get out of their new problem?
  • I use “tub” toys (sponge animals that stick to the wall with a spray bottle of water) to “act out” this story. I have the kids follow directions, placing animals “on top” of each other like the story. I model and teach other similar spatial terms (i.e. above, under, etc.).
  • A good story for a younger social group. It opens discussion for how we can be good friends, even when friends make mistakes. Why is rabbit a good friend? Why is mouse a good friend?

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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