Not A Box

Book: Not a Box

Author: Antoinette Portis

Age: Preschool and School Age

Description: A creative rabbit who turns a box into anything and everything. He makes it clear that it’s NOT a box!


  • Flexibility
  • Ideation
  • Social Skills
  • Early Prediction
  • Question Formulation
  • Sentence structure (“not”)
Why I like this book: Great for discussion about flexibility. While reading, kids love to make guesses as to what it could be next.
Ideas for use: 
  • After reading a couple pages, see if kids can guess what it could be next? What could he be standing on? What could he be sitting in?
  • After reading the book, give kids their own box. What can they turn it into? If struggling to come up with ideas, have them act out the ideas in the story. Add on to the sequence. First it’s a car. Where will they drive to? What will they do next? Great for working on pretend play schemes and sequences.
  • In a group? Give each kiddo a piece of paper with a square (box). Give them 10-20 seconds then have them FREEZE. Switch papers. Give another 10-20 seconds. Exchange as many times as you’d like. Have kiddos talk about how their idea was changed. Great to discuss how we all have DIFFERENT ideas in our head. This can be challenging for our friends who struggle with flexibility…but a great exercise. If changing their own picture is too challenging, you can just have 1 box, and each add to it. A good exercise to discuss how teamwork can make a cool picture!
  • Great for modeling question formulation and auxiliaries  (i.e. Why ARE you sitting in that box?, What ARE you doing on top of that box? etc. ) You can modify these for your use. Have the kiddos ask the rabbit.
  • Great for modeling sentence structure of ” It’s NOT a box.” Ask your kiddo’s “Is it a box?”- “No, it’s NOT a box!”
Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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