Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple

Title: Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple

Author: Ana Martin Larranaga

Description: Two friends spot a delicious apple hanging from a tree. The problem is they can’t get it unless they work together.


  • Social Skills: teamwork and collaboration
  • Speech production: bilabial and alveolar sequences, /l/
  • Early Language: verbs, early utterances
  • Early narrative
  • Retelling

Why I like this book: Although a very simple story, I have found this book quite versatile for speech and language goals from very young to early elementary. There is also something special about the illustrations that kids (and adults) love:)

Ideas for this book:

  • A perfect simple story to act out. If in an individual session, read the story and pair with pretend play. If you have a toy pig and toy chick you’re all set. It’s a very simple sequence story so great for teaching pretend play sequences, incorporating dialogue, etc. If in a group/dyad, you can physically act out. There are 2 characters but also a couple ants that can be incorporated. Have kids come up with the props: what could be an apple, a tree, apple cores? Focus on the collaboration process, body language/facial expressions, etc.
  • Great for discussion around working together to solve problems. Pair with advocating and negotiating ideas from our Social Adventures App. Help break down this skill for children using social catch phrases like “I have an idea…”. Stress how they can’t complete the task without working together
  • Create thinking and speaking bubbles for the characters in the story. What are they thinking/feeling? Why?
  • Speech production: Great for motor planning kiddos for bilabial and alveolar sequence practice (i.e. pepo, lolo (I also change the chicks name to “bobo” if focusing on bilabials), apple, “no way” (when can’t reach the apple), “help me” (says animals),boom-boom, oh man (when apple falls) too-tall (can’t reach apple), one-two, big-pig, ti-ny, big apple,  you get the idea…)
  • /l/: lolo, apple
  • Given the simple nature of the story great for early language concepts: simple verbs, agent + action, etc.
  • Given the simple nature of the story, I use to introduce story grammar elements. There are simple characters, setting, problem (kickoff), internal response,events and resolution. Great when introducing the Story Grammar Marker through Mindwingconcepts
  • For earlier narrative skills a great story to have kids “be the teacher” and retell the story encouraging temporal markers (first, next, then, etc.). Pair with the Story Patch App or other story retelling apps.
  • Tie to curriculum: apples, planting seeds, composting, etc. Use sequencing cards to sequence these concepts, write sentences, etc.

Submitted by; Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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