Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch

Book: Piggies in the Pumpkin Patch

Author: Mary Peterson and Jennifer Rofe

Age:  preschool, early elementary

Description:  Two young piggies explore their world by sneaking around the pumpkin patch while their mama sleeps.  Their adventures bring them under, through, over, across, between… (you get the picture), objects around the farm until they land safely in the pumpkin patch.


  • Sequencing
  • Motor planning
  • Sensory modulation
  • Motor exploration
  • Body awareness
  • Understanding positional words and concepts

Why I like this book:  Adorable illustrations make this simple story appealing for adults as well as children…AND it’s a fun book to act out.

Ideas for use:

  • Read the book through once and see how many piggy adventures the kids can remember.
  • Ask kids to retell the story using temporal markers such as first, then, next, etc.
  • Have kids use objects around the house, in the yard, on a playground or in a gym to set up an obstacle course that represents the actions of the piggies.
  • A nice map in the front of the book can be used to help the kids re-tell the story and help them set up the course.
  • Emphasize positional words such as under, over, between as kids move through their pumpkin patch obstacle course.
  • Use deep breathing exercises to lower arousal levels as the “piggies” fall asleep in the pumpkin patch at the end of the story.

Submitted by: Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L

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