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The ProPA app is a must have for a speech language pathologist, or any educator who is working with preschool to early elementary students. Created by the brilliant Tanya Coyle (known at @SLPTanya on Twitter), it is filled with valuable information, and is easy to administer. As stated within the app itself, it was created “for the purpose of evaluating and describing the phonological awareness skills of children.” It assesses the following skills:


The educator reads the stimuli, and the student responds. You then press the appropriate button (i.e. not administered, correct, missed). The app provides an “info” button at the top of each page which provides the administration guidelines and exactly what to say.


She has really thought of everything. There is a place to write notes on test behavior or patterns you’re noticing (i.e. difficulty changing set, needs frequent breaks, etc.). Information is saved. If you run out of time, you can always complete the test later, you can even “skip” sections of testing if it isn’t appropriate for your student. Once your testing is complete, you have the options of opening the results in PDF form within a program on your iPad (i.e. Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive etc.) or Sharing it (i.e. emailing or printing). I’m really impressed with the results page itself. It looks extremely professional with all necessary diagnostic information included, description of the test, and interpretation of results. This is fantastic to share with families, and makes assessment a breeze. The Manual within the app provides age approximations for skills as well.


If there is any user confusion with this app, Tanya has provided video tutorials, a very thorough manual, and easy access to Smarty Ears (the developer) via email.

Why I love this app:

  • It can be administered in about 20 minutes or so. This is ideal for us treating therapists with many kiddos on our caseloads. It will be a great tool to re-administer to track progress as well.
  • You’re able to “skip” portions if necessary if the child doesn’t understand or if the skill isn’t appropriate for your student
  • The results are organized in a visually appealing way, and explained thoroughly. Easy to share.
  •  Can be used in a group or individually

Assessment has never been so easy. I look forward to more assessment tools being created for the iPad. Thanks Tanya and Smarty Ears for a great tool.

You can find their description of the app here.

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

*It is noted that this clinician received a promotion code for this app. However, opinions are entirely my own.


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