Sea Otter Cove

Title: Sea Otter Cove

Author: Lori Lite

Description: A relaxation story that will bring calmness even to the most
dysregulated children (and their adults)!

• Stress release
• Learning deep breathing sequence
• Relaxation
• Visualization
• Learning from friends
• Body awareness

Why I like this story: Repetition of the deep breathing sequence gives children
the opportunity to practice. The visual images and rhythm of the text facilitates
relaxation in a very natural way.

Ideas for use:
• Great bedtime story
• Read to children after recess or a particularly over-stimulating time
• If possible, have the children lie down as they listen to the words
• Guide children to create pictures in their minds as they listen. Words
and phrases such as “swirling colors”, “center of the earth”, “rocks”, “sea
gulls”, “feathers” create many opportunities to visualize
• Encourage children to attend to physical sensations such as sounds, warmth,
smells, and the active movement of the belly rising and falling
• Using a weighted blanket can facilitate relaxation during the story
• Placing a bean bag on the children’s bellies can help them experience and
understand diaphragmatic breathing
• Have kids practice blowing a feather to illustrate belly breathing
• Teach idioms used in the book such as “clear your mind” and “wandering
• Talk with kids about how relaxation breathing can be used when they are
angry, nervous, scared, or over-excited

Submitted by: Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L

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