Send a Special Mother’s Day Message with the Talking Train App

Nothing means more to a mom than a message of love from her children.  This year, make that message extra special by having the kids record their kind words and send them along with pictures they have drawn using the Talking Train.

It’s easy to do… just buy the Talking Train app from the Talking Train - all4mychild and then have the kids draw a picture in each of the train cars to represent something they love about mom.  Press RECORD to record their sweet little voices and then send along to mom.

The message could be something like:  “I love you mommy because I love the way you reads books to me and make my favorite spaghetti dinner and play house with me.  Happy Mother’s Day!  I love you forever and ever.”  No doubt an actual message from an actual child would be much more adorable :)

The best part is that mom will have this sweet little message right there on her phone to look at listen to whenever she needs a little lift.  It really is the perfect gift.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mommies out there!

PS Grandmas, Aunts and other important ladies would also love to receive such a special message

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