Send Thank You Notes with the Talking Train app


Another use of our Talking Train app is for parents and therapists alike. Parents can have their children “write” the dreaded thank you notes from the holidays, using the app. Take/import pictures of the gift, your child playing with it, etc. and some brief words or drawings thanking them for the gift.


You can even record the child’s voice thanking the gift-giver. Then email the note and voila, you’re done!


As a therapist, you can use this activity as a pragmatic/perspective taking activity. Why do we write thank you notes? How will it make the gift-giver feel when they see you enjoying the gift? What would be appropriate words to thank someone for a gift? You get the idea. Would be great to pair with thinking/speaking bubbles to aid in understanding if necessary. Download the app now from the Talking Train - all4mychild and get started sending those notes :)

NOTE: If the gift-giver doesn’t have an iOS device, you can use  Switch to convert the .caf file to an mp3.  That way it can be heard on any device.

Submitted by Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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Try this converter, Switch 

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