Splingo Facilitates Clarification Questions

I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to work on helping kids use clarification questions in 1:1 therapy sessions. It is always too contrived. And yet, I think that this is a CRITICAL skill for our kids with auditory and language processing problems. Enter Splingo’s Language Universe, a great new app developed by SLP’s to “guide your child through a galaxy of language learning.”

Initially I thought this would be a great app for working on processing increasing numbers of critical elements, which it is, but the child can practice those skills pretty well outside of therapy. What I didn’t expect was how helpful it would be in facilitating the use of clarification questions. Because you can set the critical elements just a little beyond the child’s capabilities, this app suddenly takes on a whole new role. Not only can kids recognize when they misunderstood the direction (because the app gives immediate feedback), but they can also use you to clarify which component they got wrong… color, size, possessor, object, etc. Because the developers are not from the US, some of the vocabulary is even unfamiliar and the voice is occasionally a little bit difficult to understand because of the adorable accent… perfect, right?

I just love when I think an app will be great for one of my language goals, and it turns out to address others too! Splingo is welcome in my galaxy anytime.

Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP 

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