Spookley the Square Pumpkin

Title: The Legend of Spoookley the Square Pumpkin (ebook/app)

Author: Oceanhouse Media

Description: A rhyming story about pumpkin who is “different” than the rest. Although this is difficult, Spookley’s difference becomes very helpful to the other pumpkins in the patch, and they learn an important lesson.


  • Phonological Awareness (rhyming)
  • Vocabulary (Halloween)
  • Social Skills
  • Narrative

Why I like this book: Because it’s an app ($1.99 iPhone/ipad) it has lots of capabilities. It can be read by children (and allows for recording of their voice), or read to students (there is a narrator, or you can choose to read it to them). There are some interactive components as well, but not so many that it takes away from the story itself.








Ideas for this book:

  • The entire book is in rhyme. Have children fill in the “blank” at the ends of phrases. Provide the initial phoneme, can they predict the rhyming word? (i.e…his friends, where they had curves, he had eeen______(ends)). Use google images, board maker, etc. to make visuals of these rhyming pairs for additional practice, rhyme generation of the pattern (i.e. rare, square, fair, etc.), or home programming. Pair with Rhyming apps such as What Rhymes? or Pocket Phonics App for additional practice
  • This is a great book to expose kids to Halloween vocabulary: pumpkins, patch, scarecrow, bats,  Pair with any of these great apps recommended by The Speech Guy here
  • Use to identify Story Grammar Elements (i.e characters, setting, initiating event, etc.). Great to pair with the Story Grammar Marker by Mindwingconcepts for students to retell the story
  • Great for discussion about “teasing” and “being different.” Have students discuss how Spookley embraced his “difference” – and how it helped save the day.
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Submitted by; Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP