Super Sam

Book:   Super Sam!

Author: Lori Reis
Age: Preschool, Early Elementary
Description: Sam becomes a super hero by tying on a blanket as a cape. He then entertains his baby brother with his superhero “abilities.” He also saves the day when his little brother needs him.
  • /s/ production(word, phrase, simple sentence level)
  • sequencing
  • early narrative (retelling)
  • reading body language

Why I like this book: This book is short, simple and loved by kids. Many kids can relate to the sibling dynamic as well, which often opens the door for more language.

Ideas for use:

  • Given the repetative nature of the story, have kiddos “read” the story to you with accurate /s/ production. Have them repeat after you to get started and then “read” on their own
  • Have them retell the story using their temporal markers of first, then, next, etc. Encourage them to use their own words, and use the pictures to help them along
  • A great story to “act out.” Find a blankie and have them “be” Sam. What does he do first, then next, etc. Use a stuffed animal as the younger brother, or another child if available!
  • Act out and point out the body language. How does the character feel? Why? How can you tell?
  • A great book for discussion (if appropriate) of how they try to make their sibling (or other family member) happy. What do they do to make them laugh?

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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