Snow Friends

Title:  Snow Friends

Author: M. Christina Butler and Tina Macnaughton

Description: A little bear wakes from his winter nap and has no one to enjoy the snow with. He decides to build a snowman to play with and meets some friends along the way.

Goals/ objectives:

Early inferencing and predicting
Why questions
animal/winter vocabulary (winter animals: bear, rabbit, otter)
social skills/friendship
body language

Why I like this story: A cute winter story that encourages friendship and thinking about others.
Ideas for use:

Great story for retelling and identifying the story grammar elements (characters, setting, initiating event, etc.). I pair with “Braidy” through Mindwing Concepts. A clear kickoff and plan (bear needs a friend so builds a snowman…)
use to discuss setting (woods, cave). Draw a big winter wood scene and have child add the various winter animals to retell the story.
Good for description as well as the pictures are textured….sparkly, shiny, white, cold snow. etc.
Great for early prediction/inferencing (e.g. What could be under the snow making noise? (rabbit in burrow), what will they use the sticks for?)
Good for modeling and exposing to “why” questions. Why do they need carrots? Why is the rabbit upset? Why is the bear lonely? etc.
Beautiful illustrations for body language and emotions. Have children act out the body language.
Good story to act out in a group or dyad . Use big exercise balls to act as snow balls. One child holds the bottom while the others, “make” the other snow ball. Encourage team work and communication as they roll the balls.
Discuss friendship and thinking of others. Why did the animals make another snowman? (They didn’t want the snowman to be lonely when they left to do other activities). How can they include others?

Submitted by Meghan G. Graham  M.S. CCC-SLP

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Picture 3

City Dog Country Frog

Title: City Dog, Country Frog

Author:  Mo Willems

Description: A story of friendship between a dog and a frog.


  • friendship
  • social skills
  • vocabulary (seasons)
  • descriptive language
  • prediction
  • past tense verbs

Why I like this book: Beautiful pictures and message about friendship.

Ideas for use:

    • great for discussion about friendship in general. What made their friendship work? They do each others interests (not just their own), they took care of each other, they check in with each other, they make plans, etc.
    • Good for discussion about “change” as the frog doesn’t return at a point in the story, and the dog must adjust. You can predict/infer what could have happened to the frog as the author doesn’t explicitly state (i.e. Did the frog hibernate? Move to a new location? Did he die?)
    • could use for descriptive language (oral or written) and tie to the Linda Mood Bell Visualizing and Verbalizing program. What does the dog see, hear, feel, smell, how does he move, etc.
    • discuss the seasons. Brainstorm ideas for activities and events within each season
    • Can tie to science curriculum if appropriate (frog life cycle, hibernation, seasonal changes, etc.)
    • great modeling of present vs. past tense throughout the story
    • have students write the “next” chapter of this story. What happens with dog’s new friendship? What do they do next? Have them write and illustrate….

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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