the busy spider

The Very Busy Spider

Title: The Very Busy Spider

Author: Eric Carle

Age: Preschool, Early Elementary

Description: This story follows a busy spider that is working on her web on a fence post on a farm. Various farm animals stop by to see her, but she is too busy to answer.


  • Question Formulation (Do you want to X?)
  • Why? (Because she is too busy)- repetitive practice
  • Farm Animal Vocabulary
  • Speech production:/sp/ blends, /s/ (medial, final position)
  • Prediction (Who will be next to ask the spider?)
  • Social Language: Is it expected that the spider isn’t answering others? Should we ignore our friends if we’re busy?

Why I like this book? Kids love the textured pages, as the spider builds the web.

Ideas for use:

•Make a spider web out of string or yarn, have articulation words/pics get “stuck” (tape, glue stick) in the web for home practice

•Role play what she could say to her friends instead of ignoring them.

Submitted by: Meghan G. Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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