mommas magical purse

Momma’s Magical Purse

Title:  Momma’s Magical Purse

Author: Paulette Bogan

Age: Preschool and School Age

Description: Cousin David doesn’t believe that Momma’s purse is magical, and then it starts to rain…

• Simple Narrative Structure
• Perspective Taking/Theory of Mind
• Why? Questions
• Early Prediction
• Interpreting body language
• Sentence structure (“not”)

Why I like this book: The illustrations are wonderful. Children love them and they provide another set of learning opportunities. Also, we all know a David…

Ideas for use:
• Great for modeling sentence structure of ”It is not… .”
• Instead of reading the words of the story, show the pictures and work on “why?” questions. Why does Momma have a bandaid, an umbrella, etc? The body language in the illustrations is fantastic. Once you’ve set the stage, see how much of the story kids can figure out using just the pictures.
• After reading a couple pages, see if kids can guess what else might be in Momma’s purse.
• Ask kids what they think about the magic. Great for open-ended discussion
• In a group? Have kids take turns being Rachael, David and Momma. Focus on the feelings that each of them has throughout the story. Talk about how David’s perspective might have changed at the end.
• The page where David takes the bucket is great for Theory of Mind. Where does each of the characters “think” the bucket is? Who actually “knows” where it is?

Submitted by: Karen S Head M.S. CCC-SLP

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