Meet an Amazing Individual

If you don’t know Dr. Lynne Kenney (who I only know through tweets, a brief phone interview, her book, The Family Coach Method, and her blogs and resources), I’d love to introduce you. Dr. Lynne Kenney, PsyD. is a mother and pediatric psychologist. You can find out oodles of details about her from her web site so I’ll tell you about my personal experience with her and why you need to know about her.

Dr. Kenney is delightfully accessible. For such a busy woman, she avidly works to unite people if she feels they are kindred spirits. For example, when she read about my work with children with emotional dysregulation, Dr. Kenney introduced me to Kimochi’s (, which I now include in my Social Adventures groups. Dr. Kenney possesses a wealth of knowledge and yet, feels as if you are sharing a cup of coffee with her over the kitchen counter when she imparts some of her vast wisdom through books, blogs, tweets, and workshops.

Her work with families in behavior management from a positive perspective is refreshing, practical, and powerful. She is an expert on executive function and self-regulation and her grasp of processing and language challenges is well appreciated by the parents who have kids with these struggles. Dr. Kenney can write and talk about neurotransmitters as effortlessly as she can talk
about math and sleep and language and nutrition and movement, establishing connections that are not so easily discerned but are oh so important.

Dr. Kenney freely shares a treasure trove of tips and printables like this one on Climbing Down the Anger Mountain.

Please find Dr. Lynne Kenney on twitter @drlynnekenney, on her web site,, through her books and workshops. You will be delighted as you let this breath of fresh air warm your heart and enlighten your mind. Enjoy (and tell her @airborneOT says “Hello”).

submitted by:  Jill Perry, MHA, MS, OTR/L