Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

Title: Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day

Author: Book:  Alyssa Satin Capucilli , eBook: Zuuka, Inc

Description: It’s Valentine’s Day and Biscuit and his friend spread the love…

Goals/ objectives:

  • “w” and “f” sounds
  • animal sounds
  • early sequencing
  • turn-taking in conversation
  • OT goal:  figure-ground perception
  • OT goal: craft project to go along
  • “wondering” vs “knowing”

Why I like this story: It’s Biscuit!  Need I say more :)

Ideas for use:

  • for minimally-verbal children, encourage them to attempt a “doggie sound” when Biscuit “woofs”
  • lots of opportunities for “w” and “f” production and simple sound-sequencing (e.g., “doggie”, “meow”, “knock knock”)
  • for more sound play, have Biscuit deliver valentines to a farm full of animals.
  • OT:  prior to reading the story, have kids make one of the adorable valentine crafts found on our Pinterest Board,
  • then act out the story pretending to deliver the Valentine using simple play house and people.
  • talk about conversational turn-taking.  With a girl figurine and a dog, act out the turn-taking.  The little girl speaks, then the dog barks and so on.
  • Use a visual to denote whose turn it is so kids get the rhythm (e.g. pass a bean bag back and forth)
  • OT:  the eBook has bones hidden on every page, encourage kids to find them and touch them.  There will be a tally at the end.  Great for keeping kids focused without being distracting.
  • Enjoy this adorable story, and then discover more Biscuit books…

Submitted by Karen S Head M.S. CCC-SLP

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The Snowy Day

Title: The Snowy Day

Author: Ezra Jack Keats

Description: A classic winter tale of a young boy’s adventures in the snow.

• Early 2-word combinations
• Simple sequencing
• Early inferencing
• “s”-blends
• “wh” questions

Why I like this story: This adorable tale lends itself to use with a wide range of ages. I use it with toddlers to promote 2-3 word utterances and with K-1 kids to work on inferencing, Story Grammar and problem solving. Plus, the illustrations are delightful!

Ideas for use:
• Model simple 2-word utterances (boy walk, snow plop, socks off) for kids to retell the story at this simple language level. Support with simple line drawings if needed
• Copy the pages and have kids put them in order (which happens first, smacking the tree or snow falling on Peter’s head?) to address simple sequencing and cause/effect
• Discuss early problem solving (e.g., how to keep the snow from “plopping” on his head, how to keep the snowball from melting)
• For a group, have the group work collaboratively to figure out how to act out the story given the materials available. Great for negotiation and flexibility
• Have kids generate a similar story with a different concept; such as, “A Sunny Day” or “A Windy Day.”

Submitted by: Karen S Head, MS, CCC-SLP

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