Talking Train©

Talking Train - all4mychild
The Talking Train has been designed to provide support for simple story telling, sequencing, and question asking.


It’s many uses include:

  • helping kids keep their stories short and exciting,
  • making sure they incorporate relevant details in their stories,
  • sequencing steps to a task, and re-telling activities.
  • It’s great for use by parents, educators, therapists, and children.


  • Colorful engine and 3 cars that expand when tapped to allow sufficient space for drawing, typing or importing pictures.
  • Record function enables kids to record their stories or adults can record steps to an activity.
  • Convenient PLAY button allows easy access to the recording.
  • Tap the screen to create puffs of smoke that emerge from the smoke stack for every question that kids ask, to facilitate question asking.
  • The “GO!” button sends the train around the track, leaving the screen then returning. Engine sounds add to the thrill!
  • The recording and train with completed pictures or words in the cars can be e-mailed to share the wonderful stories and accomplishments of the day!