Little Old Lady Who Wasn't afraid of anything

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Title: The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything

Author: Linda Williams

Description: A walk in the woods turns into an unexpected surprise for the Little old lady. She meets some visitors along the way who follow her home to try to scare her.



-narrative /Retelling

-Halloween vocabulary (jack’o lantern, scarecrow)

-clothing vocabulary (shirt, pants, shoes, gloves, hat)

-articulation (l blends, sh, s blends )

Why I like this book: It’s a fun holiday story that kids love to participate in.

Ideas for use:

– use board maker pictures of all of the visitors she meets on her walk (e.g. Shoes, pants, shirt, etc.) They can add their part when it happens. The story is repetitive so there is lots of opportunity for participation.

– use visuals (like above) for Retelling the story. Incorporate temporal markers (first, then, after that, etc.)

-a good story for the story grammar marker and Braidy ( A pretty straightforward sequence and clear kickoff.

-act out each visitor. For example the shoes go clomp clomp… have kiddos stomp their feet each time. The pants go wiggle wiggle…have kiddos wiggle their bodies, etc.

-a great story to act out in a group. Different children can be each of the parts, or use objects as the parts (shoes, pants, etc.)

-for articulation, because it’s so repetitive you can get lots of practice for some specific targets. /sh/ with shake, shake and “she” and /l/ blends…clomp, clomp, clap, clap, for /s/ blends I change afraid to “scared” “I’m not scared of you”

Submitted by: Meghan G.Graham M.S. CCC-SLP

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