they didn't use

They Didn’t Use Their Heads

Title: They Didn’t Use Their Heads

Author: Jo Ann Stover

Description: A cute story that has “mini- lessons” that encourages children to think about others.

Goals/ objectives:

  • Perspective Taking
  • Early inferencing and predicting
  • Why questions
  • social skills/friendship
  • body language

Why I like this story: Simple drawings that are great for prediction, and allow good discussion about thinking about others for school, friends and in the community.

Ideas for use:

  • Have kids look at the picture on the left, and then make a guess as to what might happen on the right if the child doesn’t think about others. For example, a boy swinging his yo-yo in the air without looking around….
  • Use thinking and speaking bubbles around the characters.
  • The pictures offer great opportunity to discuss body language. Have kids identify, and even act out.
  • There are lots of “lessons” in this story. Pick and choose. Some you may not feel are appropriate for your children. You can use one or two to highlight a concept, especially in a social group or dyad. For example one “lesson” talks about including everyone.  The story says “Two can have tea, but three can have a party.” You can use this to highlight joining play, or encouraging including more than just one friend.  Another “lesson” discusses sharing toys. The story says “A gift for one can be a joy for all.” Can use to highlight with younger children the importance of sharing. The pictures highlight how others feel when you don’t.

Submitted by Meghan G. Graham  M.S. CCC-SLP

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