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When my kids were young and didn’t quite understand the concept of time, picking them up from Day Care was worse than the painful drop off.  I’d strap them into their car seats and before we were out of the driveway my son would say the dreaded words, “I’m hungry”.  I hadn’t figured out yet that I needed to have food in the car at all times for hungry mouths.  No matter how often and how many different ways I tried to explain, Bryce did not understand.  “We’ll be home soon.”  “I don’t have any food now.” “We will eat in a little while.”  “If we stop for a snack now, we’ll get home even later for dinner.”  His only response was a tearful, “But I’m hungry NOW!”

Timing is just as hard to understand for our kids in the Social Adventures groups.  We adults like to tell kids to stop wasting time because we won’t have time for the fun stuff later.  Kids are in the moment.  They are having fun goofing around and being silly.  What could be more fun than that?

I have begun to use the Fun Timer regularly with kids and have parents asking me about it.  In the interest of full disclosure, I helped create this app but my colleagues and I developed it from our real experiences in our groups.  Necessity really is mother of inventions!  We tried many timers and couldn’t seem to get the concept of wasting time across to the kids.  With the Fun Timer, when our kids see a picture of their fun-to-come disappearing in small increments while they goof off, they get it.  They understand so can make a real choice.  “Do I want to be silly now, or have fun in the gym later?”  Most of the time, the silliness comes in second and the fun time is saved!


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